Understanding Scuba Diving as a Sport


Underwater diving is a sport where you get to explore our sea world. Divers rely on their gas tanks to breathe underwater and stay underwater for hours. Most divers are scientist exploring the ocean to discover new marine life and their way of living. Because this a very dangerous sport, divers are required to take diving lessons first, most dive shops offer these short courses. Once you have passed the written exam you will proceed to the actual exam which is the actual dive. You will then receive your license for the said numbers of feet your are allowed to dive. Beginners usually cant got deeper than 30 feet, unlike the advance divers who are allowed 100ft. So make sure to get to know the sport before trying it out.


Scuba diving requires you to have diving equipmentsfrom http://www.outdoorswim.com/best-dive-watches-for-reliable-underwater-information-capturing/ you can trust to keep you safe underwater.


Dive tanks are very important for your air supply and can help you stay in the water for long periods of time. Some dive with a single tank so make sure to check every once in a while if you still have enough air supply. Other divers carry two tanks with them just incase they go deeper, they have to be prepared at all times. They also teach you breathing techniques when you are underwater, they will also teach sign language underwater just incase you need to communicate with a fellow diver.


Dive mask are your eyes underwater because without them you can not see underwater. There also different kinds of masks so make sure to get once that suits you best. If you have problems with eyesight you may also buy that will help you see more clearly. Do not forget to clean your mask too, sometimes they become foggy due to the temperature underwater.


Valves come with the tanks, these will control the flow of oxygen so make sure you turn them on before going for a dive.


Gauges regulate the depth and temperature of your dive, you may buy them at your local dive shop.


If you are interested about this sport it will be a bit costly so some dive shops offer rentals for your convenience. Knowledge is power, because being underwater is a very dangerous task and anything can go wrong so its important to be prepared at all times. Diving with your instructor is also great practice so you can learn more from someone who is very experienced. Click here to get started